Sunday 12 December 2010

What a wondersful Sunday we recently had, as we witnessed the joining together in marriage Ashley & Sarah. The groom was smooth, and the the bride beautiful. It was a packed house with many visitors who thoroughly enjoyed the day. Please keep Ashley and Sarah in your prayers.

Wow!! I just got sent a picture of my grandmother, I estimate this picture is 40-50yrs old??

Oh my dayzz, I actually remember this picture! Guess which one is me? Obviously I'm the cute one in my dads arms ;-) along with my two older brothers Peter, John and my beautiful and stylish mum.

This picture was taken circa 1974-5 (I'm 2-3 yrs old)and i remember the car, it was a peugot 504, seven seater, back then this was the lick!

Myself, alonside Jad and Nana from 'Nightwatch' a local homeless charity that we support.