Monday 26 July 2010

Best Sunday of the year so far?

Wow, what a Sunday (25th July 2010) we have just had!! Just coming off the back of an outstanding Sunday-Friday revival with Evangelist Marty (mighty) Carnegie, followed by saturday outreach. I wasn't sure how tired the Church would be on Sunday? but once against the Croydon saints showed a tremendous energy for the things of God. In the morning I preached a sermon 'those who wont hear must feel' about the calamities that befalll those who reject Godly advice, using Rehoboam's harsh answer towards Jeroboam (1st Kings 12:1-13). In the evening I started a new 3 week preaching series entitled the 3I's of discipleship, preaching on the need for christians to be Involved in their Local Church and beyond. Already I have had many people say they were very convicted and want to get more involved in the church. We also baptised 12 people, including 1 brother from our Harlesden Church and another brother from our Merton Church. It was also Tinashe & Femi's last service as they leave to pioneer a work for God in Kilburn, NW London. To cap it all off we started a 3 day (water only) fast.

Phew..... I feel tired just writing it ;-)

Big thank you to everyone for their faithfull attendance.

Tuesday 13 July 2010

Evolution theory or fact?

In my time witnessing and evangelism I often meet people who claim to believe in 'Darwinian' evolution. Now there is much that I can say regard the lack of missing links in the fossil records and so on, but the point I want to make is the difference between micro evolution and macro evolution. Whenever I ask an evolutionist to explain the difference 98% of the time they are baffled ;-)

Micro evolution is adaptation within a particular species, we have all seen different breeds of dogs for example pit bulls and great Danes. These are mutations within a species but macro evolution is the idea of one species transitioning to another species or spontaneous combustion of a particular species.

Food for thought ;-)

Wednesday 7 July 2010

C of E may appoint a Homosexual Bishop who is in a civil partnership!

Please see below a letter sent to the PM, Mr David Cameron.

Click on link to listen to interview.

Dear Prime Minister,

Firstly let me congratulate you on your appointment as PM. Though traditionally a Labour supporter, I felt you to be a more conservative voice to the increasing liberal shouting of our day.

Which leads me to my reason for writing to you regarding the apparent selection of C of E bishop Dr John Jeffrey.

As I am sure you appreciate Britain is a historically Christian country and the majority of British (& global) citizens believe that marriage is between a man and a woman, as defined in law.

Choosing a homosexual bishop who is in a civil partnership, I believe will be hugely damaging and add to the moral confusion of a 'broken Britain' you pledged to repair. Surely repairing Britain, requires returning to Christian morals and teachings?

Forcing the equalities agenda onto a church whose members overwhelmingly subscribe to orthodox Christian morality is placing political agenda above religious conscience?

I urge you to decline this appointment

Monday 5 July 2010

Reflections on South Africa and Namibia 29th June – 3rd July 2010.

I just recently returned from a whirlwind eleven days of travelling to South Africa and Namibia. I flew to Johannesburg (Jo’burg), then on to Port Elisabeth (PE) to see England secure their first (and only) win of the 2010 World cup and totally outplay Slovenia. The flight to PE had the potential to turn into a riot because the plane we were meant to fly on developed ‘an engine fault’ and we had to wait for two hours for a replacement plane! Fortunately we had a very laid back Mr Patrick Vieira (Arsenal and French football legend, now at Man City) on board with us to keep us distracted ;-) we made the match we 45 mins to spare!!

Along with a group of family friends (Yussufs and Kennedys) we enjoyed good food, fellowship and spent the night in PE. The next day we had a pleasant 3hr drive to Queenstown, via a very nice bakery (Abdul where’s my cakes??!!). I preached for the Queenstown Church that night a message entitled ‘don’t worry be happy’ from Matt 6. The message seemed to be well received and there was a great turnout for a midweek service (about 80+).

The next morning (4.30am) we drove to East London airport, where I flew to Cape Town (CT) and met up with some old and dear friends that use to be a part of the Croydon Church, Mr & Mrs Kakoma (Beryl & her husband) and Preston Plaatjes. It was very encouraging to see Beryl & Preston after so many years (4 or 5). After good food and fellowship I had to rush off to catch my next flight to Windhoek (vin – took) Namibia, where I preached a revival for Pastor Setson and sister Mary.

I must say I found Namibia to be an amazing county, very pleasant, peaceful and modern. Our church there is a thriving work of God with over 500 in attendance Sun (am) and 300 out every night. I felt a real connection with the Church and felt that the folks were really ministered to by God’s word. Pastor Setson and sister Mary took very good care of me and I look forward to my next trip to that wonderful nation.

I caught a plane back to Jo’burg and spent 3hrs trawling through book stores whilst waiting for my flight, only to realise that I had not adjusted my watch by the 1 hr time difference and ended up missing my flight by 15mins ;-( so after finding my suitcase and finding a place to stay, a very frustrated traveller who was so looking forward to seeing his wife and daughters spent an extra night in SA! Ah well worse thing happen at sea! As I was moaning to brother Abdul, I was reminded of my sermon ‘don’t worry be happy’……… now where are those vuvuzela’s ;-)

God bless.
Me in Cape Town, with Table top mountain in background.