Thursday, 11 March 2010

Preaching in Walthamstow

Just finished a weekend of preaching in the Walthamstow congregation. Went with the whole family and it was good to catch up with some of the 'older' folks as well as meeting lots of new folks. Some of the saints have faithfully attended the Church for over 20 years and truly are pillars and good examples.

There was a tangible touch of the Holy Spirit in the services and several people prayed to receive Jesus (amen). I preached in the AM 'don't worry be happy' (Matt 6:25-34) and in the PM I preached on 'the Love of the father' (Rom 8:15-17). I used a short video clip in each sermon and really felt people were helped during both services.

Then on Monday we had a 'powerful' Men's Discipleship class, where I preached on having 'Holy Ambitions' (Luke 22:24-27). In essence I was challenging the men to not only be ambitious but to be kingdom minded in their ambitions. The Q&A session at the end was very good with lots of interesting questions and comments. It was a good turn out of men (about 150) which is always a blessing to see.

Lets keep Walthamstow in our prayers.

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