Monday, 26 July 2010

Best Sunday of the year so far?

Wow, what a Sunday (25th July 2010) we have just had!! Just coming off the back of an outstanding Sunday-Friday revival with Evangelist Marty (mighty) Carnegie, followed by saturday outreach. I wasn't sure how tired the Church would be on Sunday? but once against the Croydon saints showed a tremendous energy for the things of God. In the morning I preached a sermon 'those who wont hear must feel' about the calamities that befalll those who reject Godly advice, using Rehoboam's harsh answer towards Jeroboam (1st Kings 12:1-13). In the evening I started a new 3 week preaching series entitled the 3I's of discipleship, preaching on the need for christians to be Involved in their Local Church and beyond. Already I have had many people say they were very convicted and want to get more involved in the church. We also baptised 12 people, including 1 brother from our Harlesden Church and another brother from our Merton Church. It was also Tinashe & Femi's last service as they leave to pioneer a work for God in Kilburn, NW London. To cap it all off we started a 3 day (water only) fast.

Phew..... I feel tired just writing it ;-)

Big thank you to everyone for their faithfull attendance.

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